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Like aflatoon chappy.
When will get tired ? Ishnya hahahhahaha.
Friend zone is paining to Omkara.
Loved it.
Can 8767 t wait for next.

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“Yeah, she is lowering the barriers and allowing us to get closer to her.” Shivaay replied. They both too felt sleepy and slept there only in the sitting position while Omkara just stared at Ishanya.

Tere Naam Hum Ne Kiya Hai Lyrics Translation (Tere Naam)

“Yeah, you haven’t slept the whole day yesterday watching me and now you are still awake after a very hectic day! Are you insomniac before?” She asked.

Aaj ki farmaish Billu Munni aur Shamp ki Raampur Meerut aur Itava se, sangeet hai Sohail Sen ka, bol hain Dr. Irshad Kamil ke, pesh karte hain, har aashiq ke dil ko kuredane wala gaana, kaisa ye ishq hai, ajab sa risk hai.

Hello friends.
I can 8767 t understand 8 part and anyone explain me.
I love deep and arohi expression.
Well play a role arjun and Alisha.
Virat acting is good.
Today I like minister dialog.

And went from there leaving Omkara to think that there are few more barriers which he needs to cross to get completely closer to her.

Omkara helped the biker to stand up while Rudra lifted his bike up. Before anyone can say anything the biker started to yell at Omkara blaming him.

Arohi rocked the episode ✌I really fed up with Deep ? there is no use of feeling sad when himself letting Roma to shoot Arohi ? i think in the precap Deep is again trying to trap Arohi maybe he doubts over her being Tara
Virat is the only person who looks practical in the show now

Oooh, this was a cool episode! I am loving Viraat more and more, I dont care if he tortures his mom, she 8767 s Roma Raichand after all. And dang, Aarohi, you stole the show! What an acting yaar, made Roma herself believe it 8767 s her daughter. And I don 8767 t think she even got shot since she fell at the right time. And precap is so cute, finally Deep realises his love for Aarohi. I 8767 m loving it now, hope they keep this up!

Thanks for the long comment. I am so glad that you liked the part. Yes ishanya is changing and trusting the obros especially omkara more. I wanted to show how deep the bond she shares with shivaay and hope i potrayed it in the right way. Yeah bechara rudy it 8767 s always him who gets slapped by his slapping fairy. I liked your comment that rudy has magnetic cheeks and ishanya 8767 s hands gets attracts to them. Yes, obros didn 8767 t leave an oppurtunity to show off that they knew her better and ishanya never leaves an oppurtunity to surprise them!! yeah om stared at her all the will increase the pace of ishom story. i will take care, you too take care and love you too.