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The 986 Cast Vac is a surgical instrument suitable for fast and easy cast removal. It is highly compatible with the 995 Cast Cutter. The instrument can be easily cleaned and the filter can be quickly replaced. The stand has wheels so the instrument can be conveniently transported to various locations.

Stryker 940 Cast Cutter Saw - AtlasProSales

The choice is Stryker because we are a global leader in medical technology. We improve the lives of patients and medical professionals, while delivering consistent value to health-care. We offer a unique range of solutions across medical specialties by advancing and improving meaningful innovation. We bring efficiencies by delivering the right product at the right place and time, at the best possible price. Most important, we measure our success by our ability to partner with respected medical professionals — to help millions of people, lead more active and more satisfying lives. At Stryker, we don't just make promises, we deliver results.

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We carry replacement parts for repairing STRYKER: 895 Cast Cutter. On the parts list below, click on a picture or part name for more information.

Stryker Cast Room Products: "A continuing commitment to quality." Complete Cast Room Products Ordering Information CAST CUTTERS & ACCESSORIES Cast Cutter Standard 665V Long Cord Standard 665V-Short Cord (For use with all vacuums) Wall Bracket ^MM^M Replacement Parts Catalog VACUUMS & ACCESSORIES CastVac™ with Mobile Stand CastVac" with 8tt hose and Wall Mount Wall Mount only Mobile Stand only Filter Cartridge Adapter Hose for use with 886 PlasterVac Adapter Hose for use with 895 Cast Cutter Adapter Hose for use with 898 Cast Cutter 7 inch Stainless Steel Blade 7 6/7 inch Stainless Steel Blade 7.

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We carry replacement parts for repairing STRYKER: 995 Cast Cutter. On the parts list below, click on a picture or part name for more information.

Because Summit Medical Specialties maintains a complete inventory of OEM quality parts, turnaround times are fast and efficient, most repairs are completed within 98-77 hours of customer approval.

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